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Roofing Contractors: What Questions to Ask and What Credentials You Should Seek


Owning a house has its own expenses including the roof maintenance which can be too pricey sometimes. In fact, the roof over your head protects your family and your valuable assets that is why it is very important that roofing is done right on its initial installation.


Looking for a Prospective Roofing Companies


To get the best among the many options, it's better to contact at least three roofing companies and ask them for a home visit and free roofing estimate. You can look them up via the Internet at yelp page, related phonebook, or through newspaper advertisements. You can also find a reliable contractor by seeking advice from a home inspector or through realtor. These roofing experts have leads on the best roofing companies as well as direct contact to roofers. For the nearest source, you can ask your neighbors who just have their property re-roofed they are good source of reference too.


Credential Validations


In the event that roofing contractors are already in your place, you can ask them about the project details but make sure to check their related proof of identification first. You can check their business license, proof of insurance including its liability coverage, and company tax ID number.


Also verify their business address, company website, and further contact information such as email address and phone number.


Get Further Details by Asking Questions


Once a company representative visit your home for inspection, think of this as your opportunity to conduct your own interview in relation to the job they will be doing. Don't be shy and talk about your questions, may it be about their credentials, company background, and pricing scheme. Seek their advice and ask them the reason(s) behind it. Ask if you can have a sample before the installation process. Also have information on its life expectancy and warranty.


You could also seek information about the starting date of the project, its duration, and the number of people who will do the job.


Here are additional questions to mention.


- What will be done on your existing roof?


- What materials will they replace it to; is it good, better or best option?


What are the available payment methods and for how long will it be due?


If you are comfortable with the roofer you have in agreement, then maybe they are good to work with. Trust what you feel and believe on your own judgement. Don't forget your main purpose: to protect your home and the people who lives inside it, this alone is a good motivation for you to conduct a trustworthy research first.


All of the above roofing tips must be remembered and noted for a successful home protection.